A data consultant startup making everying faster

DataBee provides various solutions for data analytics and consultation. We are honored to have served multifarious companies irrespective of size and data maturity level to improve their competitiveness. Gathering data and utilizing their advantages have brought about new demands of businesses. DataBee aims to construct advanced data analytic systems and transform into an insight-driven company thanks to Agile BI systems, efficient data organization as well as building machine learning, AI and data science.

About Us

We Build New Future With Best Techology

We possess a professional process for managing, packaging, and handing over data projects to companies

  • Building Data Lake/Data Warehouse
  • Data Model/Data Management
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Agile Business Intelligence
  • AI/Data Science
  • Data Insights

Founder of DataBee

Our Services

What Service We Offer

We offer a well-rounded data service

Project Management

We possess a professional process for managing, packaging and handing over data projects for companies

Training & Head Hunt

We are experienced in training and digital transformation for businesses & provide competent staffs to companies in need from our talented trainees.

Software Developer

We can package data projects and integrate them into the companies’ website and application

Business Intelligence

Access to data, business intelligence, and analytics must be democratized, rapid, and easy to make the move to an insight-driven business.

Data Model & Data Management

We also have a deep understanding in designing data modelling and management for insurance, consumer lending, retail, transport, fintech, and other fields..

Cloud Computing

Our team includes seasoned experts in cloud server in Google, Amazon, and Microsoft


We have gathered experts from various fields to form an “Avengers” Data & Management Team

5 years in Data Analytics
Master of Business Administration & Master of Business Analytics
Former Data Analyst Expert

Mai Ngan


4 years Data Engineer & Data Scientist
Master of Econometrics & Quantitative Economics

Sang Huynh

Data Engineer Lead

– 13 years in Services Management & Education Management

Master of Business Administration

Phuong Luong